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Jill Parker in Barcelona

Jill Parker is an international, award winning belly dancer. She is an instructor, choreographer, and founder of the modern tribal fusion belly dance movement.
She's an exceptional belly dance teacher with a gift for demystifying this sensuous form, making its techniques accessible to new dancers, while offering tremendous insight for refinement to advanced dancers. With over two decades of experience, she has trained many of the top dancers in the genre.Jill is an original member of Fat Chance Belly Dance, founder of Ultra Gypsy, and director of the Foxglove Sweethearts. She teaches weekly classes at ODC Commons (SF) and Spring Fall Dance Studio (Berkeley).


Saturday 23rd November

From 11:30 to 13:30 Shimmies Demystified & Deconstructed, The Jill Parker Method -Earthy, fluid, percussive Shimmies are a distinguishing feature of Tribal Fusion belly dance. Have you ever longed for a teacher to help you truly understand and achieve, the elusive yet intoxicating, perfectly timed shimmy? Lucky you, Jill is as infamous for her earthy and elegant shimmies as well as her patient & masterful teaching style! In this class you will participate in shimmy exercises designed to help regulate your timing and get rid of the glitch in your hips (and your mind). You will play with up tempo and down tempo shimmies, ¾ & 4/4, layering and many other exciting new variations. Jill will help you achieve understanding and excellence! All levels are welcome both bellydance and tribal fusion, if you are a student you will improve your shimmy and if you are an advanced dancer or teacher you will learn Jill´s method.

From 16:00 to 18:00  Sensuous Serpentine Combinations In addition to Jill's Funparalleled mentoring skills, she's famous for her super stylized, expressive fluid muscular movements. In this workshop Jill coaches you through drills,adding technical insights to quality of movement, feeling, answering questions and providing you with tools for unlocking even the most difficult concepts. Bring your slow movements to deep, more fluid, hypnotic and,soulful level. You'll find Jill's workshop environment challenging, focused, encouraging and most of all FUN! For intermediate,adavanced and professional dancers.

Sunday 24th November

From 11:30 to 13:30 Jill's Drills and Juicy Combos - In this workshop Jill offers insight into hertrend setting approach to bellydance through the use of energetic technique drills and stylish combinations designed to support your performative skills.Class will begin with yoga and conditioning designed for you to bring into your own practice, safely building muscle awareness, isolation, flexibility, grace and postural alignment, ever important elements for a stunning performance. You’re sure to find Jill's workshop environment challenging, focused, encouraging and most of all FUN! All levels are welcome from intermediate to professional dancers who want to approach to Jill´s method.

From 16:00 to 18:30 Advanced Drum Solo Choreography: In this workshop Jill shares a juicy and exciting Drum Solo choreography. She breaks down clear percussive movements & fun combinations in easy to understand layers. This sesion emphasizes the importance of embodying movements fully, making clean transitions and having a supple and clean approach to timing. This choreography always leaves the audience wanting more! Recommended for intermediate and advanced dancers.

Workshop´s Studio: TBC

Prices: 40€ every workshop.

How to book your place:

Very easy, just purchase your workshops with Paypal



Cancellation and Reimbursement Policy

1.-If for any reason the workshop would not take place, Alma Oriental will reimburse the total of  the entered amount you have pay.

2.- If the student cancell the reimburse will be done as follows:

- 100% ( less bank expenses) before October 1st.

- -30% (less bank expenses) until October 22nd

In case of no show we will not reimburse any amount.

We  remind you it´s forbidden to record or to make pictures without permission.

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